Fuel Costs

Who’s in charge of the fuel costs during a rental?

The renter always needs to return the car with the same amount of fuel as the car had at the start of the rental. In this way the renter is the cost for the fuel used. 

How do you register the fuel level?

When the renter picks up the car, the car owner must enter the current fuel level in the lease. The same applies when the car is returned and the rent is terminated.

What happens if the renter returns the car with less or more fuel than at pick up?

If the car is returned with a lower amount of fuel than when it was picked up, this must be recorded in the rental contract found in the application. The renter will then automatically be charged the cost for missing fuel and diesel. Expenses outside the rental agreement can be also be entered in the Additional costs field of the rental contract, after which the app recommends the car owner to agree on the reimbursement of fuel costs directly with the renter in connection with the return. 

When the amount is entered in the additional cost field of the contract via the app, the fuel charge will be automatically deducted from the payment card registered by the renter when booking the rental car. The renter will always receive information from GoMore about the payment and the charge made to the card, stating the amount to be charged. GoMore will then charge the amount to the renter's debit card 24 hours after the end of the rental period.

If there is more fuel in the car at the time of return than at the time of pick-up the car owner will instead be charged and the renter reimbursed directly to their card.

Do I have to fill up the tank when the car is being picked up?

GoMore recommends that car owners always hand over the car when it is fully refueled to make it easier for the renter to remember the fuel level at the time of handing over. However, this is not a requirement!

In the event of a dispute over the agreement or payment of fuel costs not included in the lease, please contact GoMore Support as soon as possible and we will help you resolve it.

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