Pick-up and return times

Defining pick-up and return times for your car allows you to choose when you want to start and end the rental when you search for cars. The owner of the car, on the other hand, can specify the delivery and return times that are suitable for them, which appear in the search results that the renter is looking for. Please note that the pickup and return times are not linked to the days when the car is available, but their determination affects whether the car appears in the search results or not.

If the renter applies for a day when the car is free, but the pick-up or return time is not in accordance with the car owner's preferences, the car is still visible, but in order to reserve the car, the renter must adapt to the times when the car owner has indicated that he is available. If the renter makes a search on a day when the car owner has announced that the car is "unavailable", the car will not appear in the search results at all. 

If you, as a car owner, have several cars available at GoMore, the pick-up and return times apply to all the cars you have declared.

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