Included kilometers in rentals and purchasing of extra kilometers

When you rent a car through GoMore, the price includes a set amount of kilometers. You can see the total number of included kilometers in step 1 of the booking process. For bookings of 24 h the amount is 200 km but for longer rentals, the included kilometers/day are reduced. For example, a three-day rental includes 540 km and a week's rental includes 1040 km.

Can I buy extra kilometers?

Yes! If you want to drive longer distances than the included kilometers allow, we recommend that you add extra kilometers to the rental period already when making a reservation. 

If you know in advance that you are going to drive a longer distance, we recommend adding extra kilometers when making a reservation. This way, the car owner knows your reservation better and knows the distance each car will drive. In this case, the prices for additional kilometers is clearly displayed in the car's description.

What happens if I exceed the total mileage of my reservation?

If you exceed the amount of included km during the rental you will instead pay extra when the car is returned. Exceeded km cost 50% extra than if they where added to the booking in the first place. If you have not paid for the extra kilometers in advance, but you drive a longer distance than what is included in your reservation, the car owner has the right to charge you additional costs for each additional kilometer driven when returning the car. 

When the mileage statistics are entered into the rental agreement, GoMore's system automatically calculates whether the renter has driven more than what his reservation allows. If the number of kilometers has been exceeded, GoMore will charge the renter an additional fee within 24 hours of the end of the rental period. Debiting takes place with the same payment card that was used when making the reservation. Renters receive information about the automatic charging of extra kilometers and the price both by text message and by e-mail.

If the amount cannot be charged to the renter's payment card, both parties will receive an email from GoMore in which we recommend that the renter pay the car owner directly, for example by bank transfer. If, for one reason or another, the owner and the renter cannot agree on the payment, they can contact GoMore to help collect the additional costs from the renter afterwards and pay these to the car owner.

Unused kilometers will not be refunded.

How is the number of kilometers driven calculated after renting?

In order to determine the correct mileage, it is important that the mileage is recorded in the rental agreement both when picking up and returning the car. Please remember that both car owners and renters must check that the correct numbers have been entered in the rental agreement. If the paper version is used to sign rental contracts, the car owner sends the data after the mileage registration to GoMore support for invoicing. 

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