In case of accidents or damages during a rental

Please note: If a damage or an issue with the car arises during a rental we kindly ask you to document the issue with images in case it is needed for future processing of the case.

Has someone been hurt? 

  • Call 112.
  • Note the location and ask any possible witnesses to wait for the police to arrive or ask for their names, addresses and phone numbers. 

Do you require help on the road? 

  • Make sure that the car is parked in a safe place
  • Contact Falck Road Assistance on  +46 8 731 40 68. Explain the incident and state that the car is rented out via GoMore and is insured by Omocom. Wait for the road assistance to arrive. 
  • The road assistance will do what they can to fix the problem on site but if that is not possible it will be towed to the nearest workshop. It will remain there if it can be repaired within 3 days. If reparation takes longer it can later be transported to a workshop closer to the car owner's home. 
  • Contact the car owner immediately to inform them about the incident and cause of the damage. If the car needs to be towed you should inform them about to which workshop it will arrive. Afterwards it is important that you keep good dialogue with the car owner and GoMore regarding the reparation.
  • If the car can be repaired within the rental period and within no more than 3 days we recommend that the renter waits for the car to be restored and continue with the rental thereafter.
  • If the renter does not have the possibility to wait for reparation or the car cannot be repaired quickly the insurance will cover the cost for traveling home or to the final destination by other means for both the renter and any passengers. In that case we ask you to save any receipts in case requested by GoMore or Omocom. (NOTE for car owners: If the renter does not continue with the insurance covers either home transportation of the car or compensation for collecting the car yourself). 
  • Call GoMore Support on +46 313 045 666 or e-mail to explain what has happened. We can then assist as soon as possible regarding possible compensation or refund for the remaining rental.  
  • When using road assistance, please note it as a new "damage" in the rental contract when returning the car. 
  • You can find the full terms & conditions for insurance and road assistance here

Damage to the rental car or other party

  • A new damage should be reported to GoMore as soon as possible or within 24 hours after the rental has ended. When returning the car it should be noted and photographed in the rental contract via the app. 
  • If a damage occurred when the car was parked and the responsible party has not left any contact details, the damage needs to be reported to the Police before contacting GoMore. You can quickly report a parking lot accident bu filling in the Police e-form here or by calling 114 14. If the damage is verified as a parking lot accident any possible self deduction fee may be lowered. Make sure to add as many details as possible in the damage report, such as images,name, adress, phone number, registration number of counterparty's car and any involved witnesses.

Stone chips & glass damages

  • If the car gets a stone chip during the rental the renter should always use a stone chip sticker to prevent further cracks. Many car owners have such stickers in the glove compartment, otherwise they can easily be obtained trough a glass repair workshop such as CARGLASS or Ryds Bilglas. 
  • The stone chip will need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid larger cracks. You can visit a workshop straight away without confirmation from Omocom or GoMore. At the workshop, please state the following invoice details: 

    Omocom AB, Org nr: 559097237, Birkagatan 1, 113 36 Stockholm.

    The workshop will need to e-mail the invoice along with the cars registration number to
  • Reparation of stone chips is covered by the insurance that Omocom provides. If a renter or car owner at any point pays for a stone chip that appeared during a rental Omocom can provide reimbursement afterwards. If the whole windshield needs to be replaced due to a stone chip tje renter will be invoiced a self deduction fee. 
  • NOTE! When returning the car the stone chip needs to be noted in the rental contract, even if it has been repaired already. If the stone chip remains GoMore will contact both parties with more information.

Vandalism or theft

  • In case of vandalism or theft the renter must immediately report it to the Police and inform the car owner. 
  • The renter also needs to report the incident to GoMore and Omocom as soon as possible via phone call or e-mail outside office hours. 

Returning a damaged car

  • Renter and car owner should go through the cars condition to carefully document the new damage. The images needs to be taken with good lighting and resolution so that it is comparable with the images taken when the car was picked up. 
  • Both car owner and renter needs to sign the rental contract after the damage has been documented and the car is returned. 
  • When renting a keyless car the renter is responsible for documenting the damage with proper images.

Damage process after a reported damage

  • When the damage is reported through the rental contract or directly to GoMore/Omocom it takes 1-3 days before Omocom reaches out to the car owner for further information about choice of workshop.
  • When the car is taken to the workshop the car owner needs to inform that the car is insured via Omocom. 
  • When the damage claim is closed the renter will be contacted for payment of self deduction fee.

General questions & Support

Contact GoMore on or call + 46 313-045 666.

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